Dirty Commercial Hindi Cinema– A bane to Indian society

Dirty Commercial Hindi Cinema– A bane to Indian society

Dirty Commercial Hindi Cinema– A bane to Indian society
(majorly it is a bane having dirtiest impact)

This article is written by Dr. Sarasvati Yadav, Sahaj Yogi, Asst.Prof.

For over more than half century, Indian cinema is serving movies, mostly portraying life as a love story or romance or just complete indulgence into lust.

The generations over generations were brought up to have a love partner at the end of the day. The marriage used to be shown as the final attainment of happiness. Major part of movies (save exceptions) is full of just emotions, romance, lust, expose, fashion, violence, abuse and rape. Most of us kept on enjoying the music, dance and comedy ignoring the rest. 🙁

The actors committed suicide for their dead or missed partners, the villain got indulged in abduction and rape of the females, the father tried his hardest for marriage of a daughter, the sister/mother selling herself for the sake of her sibling/child’s upbringing, the actor’s frequent visit to brothel were justified as he was desperate, lonely, confused, cheated or just drunk. These movies also teach you the tricks of how to rape, how to abduct, how to steal, how to impress someone, etc.

The impact?

*Having a love partner even before marriage is Okay now.
*Having another love partner even after marriage is Okay now.

*Having two or more love partners simultaneously is fun, and not sin.
*Having a gang of friends indulged in drinking, eve teasing, abduction or even rape is a sign of being powerful man.
*Having a gang of friends, who can abuse and do filthy things like men, is a sign of being powerful independent woman.

*Abusing and insulting parents for love partner or friends is Okay now.
*Public obscenity is okay now.
*Eve teasing/Molestation is okay now.
*Expose by male/female is Okay now.

*Modelling and dirty culture of fashion is okay now.
*Homosexuality is okay now.
*Increasing graph of acid attacks and women abuse is Okay now.
*Rape of even minor is Okay now.

For decades, the public did not object on portraying women in the filthy manner. Today, the same public is worried about women security and child victims of abuse.

…and still, India is great. Yes India is, but losing Her greatness gradually and no one is actually caring about that. The female energy of any nation describes how that nation is. We can only give slogans for females. We cannot ban the dirty cinema …
At least, make such movies a great flop, but No… you enjoy that. Bravo!


© Dr. Sarasvati Yadav


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