Daughter tortures own mother for property!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Daughter tortures own mother for property!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Daughter tortures own mother for property!- A Savdhaan India Episode

An aged lady and her daughter shift to a new locality and rumours spread that the aged lady is mad and is engaged in black magic etc. Maximum neighbours are scared to go near the house as they fear the cursing old lady.

But one man in the neighbourhood dares to go in and hand over a doll that had fallen outside….he sees a different behaviour of the supposedly mad lady…she seemed pretty normal to him. Daughter returns home and people could hear noises from the house….and by chance the video of daughter hitting and slapping her own mother gets caught in the smart phone. The man calls the police but the aged lady confesses that she was trying to commit suicide that’s way the daughter was screaming at her. So the police goes away.

Then we are shown the actual self of the daughter…the daughter was a maniac having an affair with a loser male who pretended to be a doctor! Both daughter and false doctor were after the property of the aged lady and were planning to kill the lady by declaring her mad in the eyes of the neighbours ! But in the last moment, the maniacs get caught and the aged lady is saved!

Inference:: Unbelievable mother-daughter relationship has been shown in this episode! Mothers become the best friend of their daughters when she comes of age…but in this episode we see something beyond our understanding!

The female gets drunk and invites her boyfriend inside her room right in front of the poor mother! She had kept the poor mother as a maid servant in the house – she was cooking, washing, dusting – doing everything and yet she was made to pretend to be mad in front of the world so that her daughter could smoothly kill her and act as if it was a suicide! Honestly – this episode of Savdhan India was even worse than the story of maniacs shown in ID (Investigation Discovery)!


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