Daughter slaps mother on meeting her after 17 years – Crime Patrol Episode

Daughter slaps mother on meeting her after 17 years – Crime Patrol Episode

Daughter slaps mother on meeting her after 17 years – Crime Patrol Episode

A couple residing in slums approach the cops to lodge a complaint about their missing daughter who was about 7 years old. Mother used to sell toys in the railway station and said as she went to fetch water, she could not find her daughter anymore.

The above was the story that the mother told the cops…but she was lying. She had purposely left her daughter in a running train so that she goes missing and never comes back home. Why? Here is the story!

She had an elder daughter who was 16 years old and her husband (the daughter’s father) was making money by offering her to sleazy sex-starved male clients…..for sex…and so he was making easy money. The mother had returned home early one day and seen her husband selling and forcing her daughter to have sex with anyone who agreed to pay money….. fat, stout, aged, thin, sex maniac …just anyone as long as he was ready to pay!

I am stopping the story here as I want to make some comments ::

  • Do you now see why I write so much against the Follywood’s negligibly dressed females?
  • How the films allow adult rated scenes  in regular films sexually arousing the losers?
  • When educated females agree to wear a bikini and jump high and low on the huge screen…can you imagine how poor. Illiterate, rural women will be treated by the males of their locality?
  • The criminal or loser males watch film actresses dance in wet sarees or no sarees…plus we have magazines and newspapers sporting their semi-nude images available easily to one and of course MMS and internet has made blue-clips available easily to all….so?
  • The pimpish males will obviously try their best to get as many females in the sex market as possible – more females, more money…the world is after money…and educated families allow their daughters to pose nude and even sleep around so why shouldn’t the poverty stricken pimps living in the slums make them sleep and make money as well?
  • This time it was the father himself who was selling his daughter to males and when she refused, she was tortured too!

See the effect of ‘Sensuality’ injection in the psyche of the citizens by constantly bombarding their minds with images of sexy sirens from Follywood?!

Back to the story:

So the young girl reaches a gang that makes small children work for them. Like she would be sent to a teenager saying she has lost her way and when the teeager girl will offer to help, the child will bring her to an isolated place where she will be kidnapped and sold! In case of disagreement, she will be gang-raped and killed!

The girl somehow escapes from their gang and lands up in the family of maniacs! The couple had lost their son and when they found her, they made her dress up like a boy and insisted that she behaves like a boy! As she grew  and started her chums, the male started raping her daily!

Somehow she escaped and reached an orphanage. She grows up and gets married but remains melancholy and scared! Her husband then tries to heal her and finds out her parents. It is only when she confronted her mother as to why she left her all alone to face the cruel world, that the mother confesses that her father would have otherwise sold her to male customers and made money!

The cops arrest the father after 17 years of the crime (of forcing his elder daughter into the profession of sex-worker) ! If a male is so shameless that he is ready to sell his own daughter…then you can understand what a dangerous criminal he must be – probably raping, molesting, kidnapping and selling young girls in his locality!

Women desperately need to be educated! The fact that she did not report her husband’s crime earlier shows how backward and dumb our women are!


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