Consenting Adults – An article for sex addicts

Consenting Adults – An article for sex addicts

Consenting Adults – An article for sex addicts

So we have a new phrase for sex starved immoral perverts – Consenting adults! So go ahead and have rampant sex with multiple partners with your consent. You can have sex with any number of people – does not matter at all – since both the partners are consenting adults! Wow! The devil and demon army really do coin attractive phrases to continue with their idiocy! And amazingly they manage to collect followers in millions!! Pretty Kewl huh!

Frequently Asked Questions –

Qs. So what is the problem if 2 consenting adults decide to dive on bed for sex?

Ans. First let me know how is this idiocy solving anything in this world?

Qs. Two individuals a solving their loneliness and desire to have sex….where is the problem?

Ans. I have few questions –

Are the 2 individuals unmarried? If yes, are they engaged to get married? If no, what is the relationship between the two – customer and sex worker? In that case, where is the use of coining a new phrase like ‘Consenting Adults’ and confuse the already confused citizens of our world?

Qs. There is no need to define an adult – an adult is an adult. Period. Where is the confusion?

Ans. You mean the 2 consenting adults can be any of the following –

1. Married man with unmarried woman

2. Unmarried man with married woman

3. Both adults – each married elsewhere

4. Just F*** friends – also called  ‘friends with benefits’ – omg! More new phrases for the immoral beeps!

Qs. How does it matter whatever is the relationship status? They are adults and having sex with the consent of another! So what?

Ans – So what?! If the consenting beeps are married elswhere they are being promiscuous! Promiscuousness lead to broken homes and families. Broken homes mean children with disturbed childhood – which mean – bitter, confused, drug addict youth – which mean the future of any nation is sealed! The youth eventually lead the nation – those who are in power now will grow old and die one day – who is going to take over – Consenting adults with zero scruples!?

Qs. Okay – married committed people should not indulge in sex outside wedlock – it breaks the very structure of the institution of marriage…but otherwise it is okay if consenting adults have sex with anyone they want.

Ans. Such consenting adults will then get the habit of trying out new sex partner every now and then…like if you love to consume alcohol you like to taste as many brands you hear of….similarly men and women, if they have rampant sex with just anyone who catches their fancy since their teenage – they will seldom give up this habit of sleeping around with new sex partners…

Qs. So what? They are not harming anyone by this! Both the parties are equally interested to have sex…where is the problem!?

Ans. Problem arises when such immoral ‘effing around’ beeps get married – they continue being promiscuous…and I have already described what happens when promiscuity spreads like wild fire…

Qs. Are you trying to say that such ‘effing around immoral beeps’ should not get married – just eff around and then die one fine day…would that be okay then?

Ans – Maybe okay for the society in the long run – with sex starved immoral beeps leaving no progeny – DNA extensions – to continue with the same idiocy…..but the immediate generation will have problems with that!

Qs. Why on earth!? Why can’t you just let 2 immoral beeps have sex with each other?!

Ans – Problem is the two beeps are immoral – they are not content with a single sex partner – they are hungry for more….so they promote/ propagate the fact that ‘Immorality is a fashion that everyone should follow’! And several dullards fall pray to some such advertisement and several families get ruined because of this…..

Qs. So its okay – dullards falling prey to idiocy finish themselves…who wants dullards anyways huh? Dullards never bring about any radical change in the way the society functions after all!

Ans. So immorality is a way to finish off the dullards and their entire progeny? Is that so…?

Qs. Maybe so – who knows!

Ans. Well – but see to it that dullards don’t become a majority…because after all – Might is right!


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