Casanova’s Proposal – A short story

Casanova’s Proposal – A short story

Casanova’s Proposal

Sunil was the romantic casanova of his locality. He was tall and a bit good looking – and that was all that was required for him to gain access into the houses of all the desperate housewives of his locality plus the highly libidinous teenagers of the same locality plus neighbouring areas as well! He was a  hosiery salesman and hence it was easier for him to visit various shops and even houses for personalized delivery ! He played his game pretty well and usually kept very congenial relationship with the males of the family – esp. of the desperate housewives. He used to supply the males with blue film cds from different states of India and even foreign blue film cds showing mind blowing fair skinned voluptuous porn stars! The males of the locality were very happy with him ..not knowing the fact that what they watched and fantasized about was practically done by Sunil with their wives! This way Sunil was successfully keeping the wives and their husbands amply happy.

Chitra secretly loved Sunil and was ready to accept him the way he was. Sunil had met Chitra at a marriage function and on their very first meeting they had eff-ed in the toilet of the marriage house! Chitra was barely 16 then and it was for the first time that Chitra experienced the thing she had been reading in cheap chic lits and watching in blue films! But Sunil was least interested in Chitra – he had access to pro desperate women who not only had sex with him but also made him happy by cooking tasty meals for him and giving him occasional gifts! Sunil’s life was totally rocking – he had lost count of the number of females he had had sex with! When Chitra was 18, she left school – because she failed in her exams. She told Sunil that if he keeps her as his personal assistant then she can travel with him doing door to door services. Since there were decent no-nonsense ladies too in the locality so having a lady assistant was a good idea to sell hosiery indeed. Sunil kept her as his assistant and sometimes even gave her ‘a time of her life’ by eff-ing her occasionally. Chitra was sure that she will win his heart one day and live happily ever after with him but Sunil was least interested to marry. He had thought of marrying some filthy rich widow so that he will not have to work as a salesman forever! But that remained his dream….

Sanjana also lived in the same locality. She was pretty and a very studious girl too! She used to attend night school and during the day she used to cook in 3 houses plus she had learnt sewing too – she made blouses and petticoats during her free time. She wanted to become a nurse and for that she was studying really hard. Because she had 3 younger siblings, she had to work along with her mother. Her father had died in an accident, so both mother and daughter had to work real hard to run the family.

Yogeeta, Sunil’s mother, had a special liking for Sanjana. She used to watch her get up early, prepare meal and then leave for work, then again come back and cook and then attend school too! Plus on Sundays, she used to wash clothes and clean the house and help her mother with other household chores too!

Yogeeta told her son to marry Sanjana.

Sunil: Are you mad? I will marry a filthy rich female so that I do not have to work…but take care of her finances and business….

Yogeeta: Really!? You have been saying this for the last eight years now – ok? You are also growing old – you are 35 already if I may remind you your age! Sanjana is a good hard working girl…if I can make her my daughter-in-law, my life will be so relaxed!

Sunil: How selfish you are! You are thinking of your own relaxation?

Yogeeta: Even yours too – forget about waiting for some filthy rich man to die and then seduce his widow…and marry her….I already gave you 10 years for that! Be practical! Sanjana is a good wife material – settle down – I am giving you a good advice! She is 25 – her nursing training will be over soon – if she gets a government job, she will become a permanent source of income in our family. You continue quenching the thirst of those desperate females and getting gifts from them – who is stopping you? Just marry her so that I get some relaxation plus you get some good food daily too…she is a good girl….and she is decent also – not sleep around in your absence…….do you understand?

Sunil thought for a while – yes, his mother was right – he had already started balding and he had put on some weight too…younger males had already replaced him in many houses – if Sanjana could be a permanent source of income, then their life will be much easier!

Next morning he told his mother that he was ready to marry Sanjana!

Yogeeta: Why don’t you tell your PA…Chitra to break the good news to her!

Chitra was now a mother of a son. Sunil had refused to marry her so she had married a truck driver. Whenever her hubby was away, she called Sunil for a quickie and even cooked his favourite meal for him!

Sunil told Chitra to ask Sanjana what she feels for him. Sunil was sure that no one could refuse him – he had aged…but his charms were still full-on and the way the females swooned at him – he was pretty sure no one will have the heart to reject him!

Chitra was slightly disturbed to hear the news but just to please him, she went to tell Sanjana about his proposal.

Chitra: I have a news that will make you dance with joy…..

Sanjana: Really!? And what is the news?

Chitra: Guess?

Sanjana: You have got me some orders….for blouse and petticoat?

Chitra: Oof! No no no – I have got you a marriage proposal!

Sanjana: Proposal for marriage ! No way I am not interested in getting married now…maybe never – I love my independence ….can’t give up.

Chitra: Hello! First listen who is the proposal from…you will instantly change your mind!

Sanjana: Really! Who is it from?

Chitra: Its none other than – SUNIL!

Sanjana: Sunil? Who Sunil?

Chitra: Don’t act innocent – as if you don’t know Sunil – the heartthrob of maximum girls in our locality!

Sanjana (a bit surprised) : You mean Yogeeta’s aunty’s son? The casanova…?

Chitra: Yes of course! Now you have to present me a real expensive saree for bringing you the good news…..

Sanjana: Hang on hang on – Sunil, the Casanova – who has taken upon himself the responsibility to quench the sexual urges of all the sex-starved females of this locality or wherever he goes – his proposal you have got for me……and you expect me to be joyous!?

Chitra: Why? You are not happy!? Girls die to get a glance from him and you….

Sanjana: Wait a minute – even you had an affair with him na…you told me about the marriage party – when you first met him…and did the needful inside the dirty toilet…..

Chitra: Oh! I was just a young and silly teenager then – I got the golden opportunity to be initiated in the world of sex by the heartthrob of the locality – who wouldn’t take it– back then I thought it to be a great achievement!

Sanjana: Well – I would not have taken that opportunity for sure…and nor am I interested to be stranded for life with a sex starved flirtatious man – yuk! How can you even bring the proposal of your ex-lover for me!? Aren’t you ashamed? Seriously Chitra – if you can’t do anything good for people – at least don’t do anything bad for them!

Chitra: I am still failing to see what is wrong with Sunil? He is a senior Marketing Manager in the company now…and earns his own side business…he is looking for a good life partner…don’t you feel you are lucky to get a proposal from him?

Sanjana: Lucky!? Are you kidding me!? ! I remember how you almost broke down when he refused to marry you – you were literally suicidal in fact…and I have even heard that you aborted his child not once but twice!! Such an ugly and evil personality he is – God only knows how many other girls he has ruined and like a fool you are still singing his praises!? Are you really so blind….and if I am to go by the rumours….he still has physical relationship with you ….

And that Yogeeta aunty is the most conniving bitch of the locality and she proudly tells around the entire locality about how her son uses and throws females around – I will accept her as my mother-in-law?! She is a sick woman who defends her womaniser son with all her might! Oh yea! I am sure she must have seen me work hard – and she thinks that I will readily become her maid servant after marrying her son! Please let them know that I would not even like my dead body be touched by that creep!

After a minute of embarrassing silence, Chitra nodded and finally said-

Chitra: Are you sure you are refusing the proposal of Sunil? I mean I have to go and tell Yogeeta aunty about your decision….so it is a ‘no’ from you?

Sanjana: Absolutely NO. I can give it in writing if you so want ! And let me give you a piece of advice Chitra – don’t take his proposal anywhere – they are a well known evil family! Yogeeta aunty herself had an affair with her husband’s friend and it is believed that she got him murdered because he had come to know about the affair! Such shameless are those people…and you are taking the risk of getting him married? Are you completely out of your mind?

Chitra managed to smile and went home happy! She was actually shattered when Sunil had shown interest in the ‘boring Sanjana’ and was waiting excitedly to let them know what she thinks about the entire family. Chitra acted all shocked and shattered as she broke the news of Sanjana’s refusal to both mother and son! Yogeeta was furious and so was her son!

For couple of days Yogeeta bad mouthed Sanjana spreading rumours about her having an affair with her boss, the gardener, the bus driver and conductor…..but before she could do it, every one knew about the fact that Sanjana had refused the proposal of Sunil and they all laughed behind her back! Most of the people in the locality knew about the heinous escapades of both mother and son and had zero sympathy for them!

Yogeeta then started hunting for a beautiful daughter-in-law. She announced around that soon she will get her son married to a pettier and homely girl…just wait and watch – she said!

After couple of months, Sanjana’s mother showed her a marriage invitation card. Yogeeta had found the perfect bride for Sunil. She lived in a suburban area – some 80 kms away from town but she was very fair and homely…..well….that is what Yogeeta thought! Usually it is understood that girls from villages and small towns are very nice and decent and homely by default!

Preeti was received with a lot of pomp and show. She got a lot of dowry with her and about 4 lakhs of cash plus a brand new bike was presented to Sunil! Sunil was also very happy to see his friends ogling at Preeti and marvelling his good luck!

Within few weeks, Sunil was totally smitten by Preeti – because she often called her father and asked for money which her father gave her promptly! Her father was a rich farmer and had lots of land…Sunil knew that one day he will get all the property so he was at her beck and call – all the time! Very soon Preeti called over Vinod, her distant cousin, to help her with household chores plus even help Sunil with his business.

Yogeeta never got any respite that she thought she would get…initially she cooked for two people and now she was cooking for 4 of them. Often in the afternoons she would see Vinod quietly sneaking into Preeti’s room and then the typical noises followed. Before she could tell anything to Sunil, Preeti created a pandemonium and poisoned Sunil’s mind against his mother! For the first time Sunil got so angry that he actually hit his mother! His mother now had the position of a maid servant in her own house.

Preeti was the apt wife for Sunil. She was initiated into the world of sex by her own uncle. She was barely 4 and her 60 years old uncle used to take her to the fields saying that he was taking her for fresh air – but he used to sexually abuse her in exchange of chocolates and other goodies. By the time she was 10, she understood the weakness of males and started doing small favors in return of goodies. By the time she was 15, she had become a full fledged ‘sex-worker’ knowing all the nuances of love making! By the time she was 18, she had already aborted twice because of leaky condoms! It is because of this reason that no one was marrying Preeti in her own village and so her father agreed to Sunil’s proposal in spite of all his evil qualities – that he came to know from his locality…his own daughter was no ‘pure dove’ and he wanted to get rid of her as quickly as possible!

Conclusion: Some marriages are made in hell – if you are a follower of the devil, the devil will surely find you your apt mate!


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