Bouncing Back With Beats – A Review

Bouncing Back With Beats – A Review

Bouncing Back With Beats – A Review

Love can move mountains – Yes, true that – but that love has to be consistent! And this kind of consistent love can only be given by parents!

Based on a true story, Bouncing Back With Beats is ‘A Cinema for a Cause’ initiative of Learning System, shot & directed by Abhishek Ganguli.

If you have watched the Aamir Khan film ‘Taare Zapeen Pe’ – then this a film that you must definitely watch! I had written a review on Taare Zameen Pe and had mentioned that though the concept of the film is good and Aamir is trying to draw your attention towards dyslexic children but the way the film was shown – it seemed kind of surreal because Aamir, as a teacher, was spending too much of his time on a single student – which basically is not possible in a classroom with at least 50 students – what about paying attention to the rest of the students? They do not deserve attention because they are not dyslexic? This was – well, according to me, a big drawback of the film Taare Zameen pe – but this film is more convincing! Why? Maybe because it is actually a true story and most of the dialogues said in the film are things which have actually been said by the teachers and even the Principal!!

The film has English subtitles – so even if you do not understand Bengali, you can see the subtitles and understand what is being said – yeah! better tie your safety belts because the things said by the teachers are their actual dialogues and not written by some pervert creative mind!

What is shown in the film is actually a haunting reality of many supposedly elite schools! Being a Career Advisor cum soft skills trainer myself, I have seen such behavioural patterns among my colleagues! Whereas there are many teachers who are rather happy to see that a child prodigy is under their tutelage but unfortunately there are many others who become jealous or maybe even threatened by such a presence!


This film has actually dealt with such a situation. The protagonist is a child prodigy who could not be handled well by the teachers in the school where he was admitted first. In this film the boy, who is now  well established and recognised, has narrated the incidents with the exact dialogues of how his teachers discouraged him and called him names! He was wrongly branded as an ADHD patient in school…..he was tortured, tormented, humiliated by both teachers and classmates!

But he was lucky! Lucky to have loving parents. Parents who were ready to understand his needs, requirements and desires. They took him out of the school and admitted him in another school and this change did him wonders! Watch the film and see the wondrous change yourselves!

This film is a wake up call for all parents! Every parent should watch the film and learn a thing or two about upbringing. Parents are the first teachers in the lives of children – they are the ones who can polish their diamonds well – of course teachers and books are required to further polishing and bring about the shine but parents are the owners of the diamond after all – their constant love and understanding is the prime most important factor for the child.

This is a wake up call for school authorities also – to train their teachers to speak and behave well in the classroom because they are the role models – the children are young and susceptible to the changes in the environment – children imbibe environmental qualities – and teachers play a pivotal role in instilling good behavioural patterns into the child.

Promising upcoming Tabla sensation Subhadrakalyan’s inspiring life’s saga is the soul of Bouncing Back with Beats.

madhuparna-rana-1Kind Attn:: All Concerned Mothers!

Listen to Mrs. Madhuparan Rana, mother of Subhadrakalyan Rana, about the humiliation and tortures her son had to go through in school! False allegations were being made on their son who are barely 11 years old and when they tried to fight back, all they faced was more disappointment! Make use of this space a voice your opinions too –
As a concerned parent, what are your expectations from a school?
Share your personal grievances and let us all together solve this major problem that our children are suffering from!


Things finally got sorted when the loving father took over!

Parents are the very first teachers of their children. No one can know a child – his needs, dreams or aspirations better than the parents. But unfortunately most parents get swayed by the demands of the outside world and expect their child to join the rat race as well!

But Subhadrakalyan is lucky! Lucky to have a responsible father – more than responsible – a loving father – who trusted the capabilities of his son. Parental trust and support is the most important ingredient for any child to emerge as a strong and positive personality. Exactly this happened when Dr. Arindam Rana took the reins of his son’s life in his own hands and did not let the outsiders – teachers in this case – to ruin his son’s life! He trusted his son totally and supported him with all his might!

There is a very thin line between rightfully supporting a child and pampering him beyond repair…Dr. Rana took the balanced decision and understood that there was no point in arguing with the adamant and egoistic teachers of the school. He found a better school that changed his son’s life for good!

He wants to take this opportunity to reach out to many more such parents who may be losing their precious diamonds unknowingly!

subhadrakalyanTake a close look at this fellow. He is Subhadrakalyan Rana. Does he look like someone suffering from ADHD syndrome from any angle? Listen to him speak (audio-visual attached with the post) and ask yourself – where are the ADHD symptoms that were diagnosed by the teachers of his school – because of which he became an object of ridicule and constant humiliation in the hands of teachers and students as well! Currently he is an upcoming Tabla player, he plays the violin, he composes music and even acted in his own life story film!

Basically his versatility was mistaken as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) by the teachers of his school!! Now isn’t that alarming parents!?

A wake up call for all parents! Don’t let your child be devoured by the hounds of money making Educational Institutes – Arise, Awake – before it is too late!


Join hands with Subhadrakalyan Rana, who reveals the malpractices seen in top notch schools. There are many out there who are suffering silently the atrocities of our education system. Both parents and teachers need to interact more often in order to reach a viable solution! And students – the youth – the future of our country…who are supposed to lead India from the 3rd world country status to the 1st world country position…better have a solid educational foundation and not just become a dice in the hands of egoistic educational institute!


Meet Nandini – The Responsible Teacher

She is a teacher in real life too. She has come forward to fight along with the parents – because after all, even she is a parent! This is not a fight between parent & teacher – this is a fight for eradicating malpractices prevalent in our society!

The cause we are dealing with here is the demotivating attitude of certain teachers in many schools – that can devastate the life of a student and along with him/her, the life of an entire family! Teachers ought to be the most responsible, courteous, kind and generous – along with, of course, having a good amount of knowledge of the subject they teach! They are the role models and they have to be utterly careful about the way they behave and interact with their environment .. because they are under the constant vigilance of their students!!

Film Gist in short:

Full Movie-


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