Blackmail – 2018: Film Review by

Blackmail – 2018: Film Review by

Blackmail – 2018: Film Review by

Main characters: Dev, Reena | Dolly, Ranjit

Dev is the husband of Reena. Arranged marriage. Reena had a lover (Ranjit) who had left her suddenly and when he returned, he had married a filthy rich lady – because of her money of course. Dolly was an alcoholic and suspected her good looking husband (Ranjit) – she thought he was having an affair elsewhere – she thought right. Dolly treated Ranjit like a dog and expected him to always wag his tail in front of her – or else she would stop giving him his pocket money! So basically Ranjit was an unemployed good-for-nothing male who had no brains – just a good face and body – thus had no job and all he did was lick the feet of his rich in-laws.

Since he was being treated like a dog at home, Ranjit found out that his ex-lover – Reena was married to a non-descriptive male (Dev) and she was basically unhappy. Ranjit gets in touch with Reena and continue having fun and sex in the house of Dev – while he was in office.

Dev had a weird problem of his own – being married to a sexy siren – he still could not perform on bed! He was probably suffering form erectile dysfunction. He tried to masturbate with the pictures of equally non-descriptive photographs of females – those lying on the desks of his colleagues – yet failed at it. This reveals a very alarming quality of males…that they actually don’t need a sexy siren to get turned on – just any picture can do for them! Meaning our world is unnecessarily spending millions on making a female look sexy and clicking her pictures and selling Men’s magazines with those sexy pictures! It is not required at all – males do not need smooth skin or voluptuous sexy figure….jsut anyone can do for them…..well – that is what Dev (Irfan) revealed in this film!

Anyway the film proceeds – Dev happens to witness his wife in a compromising position with her lover and he starts blackmailing him (Ranjit). Ranjit starts blackmailing Reema in turn- so Reema extracts the same amount of money Dev had extracted from Ranjit to returns him back to him…this way the same money was rotating in different hands! Film also showed that people who know you well or know your secrets are actually the ones who screw you tight! Colleagues of Dev also start blackmailing him.

At the end – providence punished the wicked and the evil people amply – and Dev escaped from all the miseries smoothly!


Special Mention: Dev’s boss. Shown as an extremely dumb man who is foreign returned and comes up with dumb ideas and spends thousands to materialize his dumb ideas – bribes Govt. officials to get his work done…but ultimately fails miserably! The dullard was trying to introduce toilet papers to Indians! There is no dearth of water in India – at least to wash ad clean….yet he thought it was a groovy idea to introduce toilet papers to those Indians who don’t even have the concept of toilet…they go out with a lota to answer nature’s call!

End of story.

Well no one was to be blamed in the film actually.

Dev was helpless, suffered from less sperm count or erectile dysfunction – could not satisfy wife on bed. Wife had needs so she started having sex with ex-lover. Greedy Ranjit was treated worse than a street dog because of his greed and lust of course. Dolly was leading a wasted life anyway – getting drunk from morning till evening – so her death hardly mattered. Wicked and greedy colleague meets with an accidental death – good for her. Dumb colleague of Dev – who had spilled the beans of his blackmailing idea dies too…..


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