Bani Ishq Da Kalma – Hope its an eye opener !

Bani Ishq Da Kalma – Hope its an eye opener !

Bani Ishq Da Kalma – Hope its an eye opener !

How the greed for an NRI JAMAI (son-in-law) of a jahil-ganwar mother ruins the fate of a simple daughter – Bani!

A very sensitive story and quite an eye opener to several Indian households in small towns and villages who still think that an NRI is a good catch and make their poor daughters suffer for life by getting them married to such sleazy brutes!

This is such a story where parents wed off their simple daughter Bani to an NRI(Parmeet). The parents of Parmeet live in the same village but Parmeet works in Canada. Bani’s mother is more keen on getting her daughter married to a hi-fi class family settled abroad!

And obviously things happen as they should! The guy is never interested to marry some non-English speaking village belle from Pubjab but his equally uncouth grand father pressurizes him to marry her otherwise threatens that he will disown him. Parmeet marries under pressure & soon after marriage he goes back to Canada (actually goes to Delhi but tells his relatives that he has to rush to Canada).

At least Parmeet was decent enough to not touch Bani on their wedding night – anyways he never had the intention too – he was used to well-waxed, fair, English speaking girls whereas he was stuck with a village bred Bani – at least Parmeet had developed a greater / more sophisticated taste as far as females were concerned so I guess he did not at all feel attracted towards her (unlike males though – in real life in such cases the NRI guy would sleep, impregnate and run away with the jewelry too).

When Parmeet stops responding to Bani’s call (after the property was transferred in his name etc), Bani decides to go herself to Canada and find out what went wrong….beans get spilled and she finds out that Parmeet hated her kinds of village bred females and wanted her off his head! There was an absolute life style mismatch – starting from breakfast items to dinner and sleeping etiquette – Bani lacked everything!

Although the serial is trying to prove Parmeet to be a villain – by including his murderous, womanizer and cheating skills – but as far as his reaction and incompatibility to village bred Bani is concerned – it’s absolutely right! It is the fault of such stupid parents who do not think even for a moment before sending their daughters abroad – on how they will survive in a foreign/ alien culture!


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