Aaina Dulhan Ka – A Review

Aaina Dulhan Ka – A Review

A woman can create or destroy – Power of a Wife!

Aiza & Hammad – Do they make an ideal pair?

Aiza is a spendthrift – she spends money like water on unnecessary things.

Aiza is manipulative – constantly convincing Hammad to only fulfill her frivolous desires and not to take care of his responsibilities towards his parents and siblings!

The personality of Hammad has been shown as pretty sissy and weak – how come he does not realize that Aiza is using him like a puppet?!

Unfortunately there are many men like him(Hammad) who become hen-pecked husbands .pecked by conniving hens(wives)!

My question is – What is it that males(when they turn into husbands) are so scared of that they are unable to speak up and stand by the correct code of conduct?!

How come a female just barges into a male’s life and happily make him forget all about his duties and responsibilities towards his family?

Is it that actually and ultimately it is women who are all powerful and males are just puppets…trying to please females all the time…however frivolous her demand may be!?

Haashim & Aima – On the other hand it is a woman again who is keeping the family together – well knit with her tender love and care! She is kind and seen motivating her family members positively. Again we are shown the kind of girls who are literally worshipped whereas the other type who is hated vehemently by one and all(except for probably her own son and Dadi who brought her up(Aiza) to become a cactus-like personality!)



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