102- Not Out – Film Review

102- Not Out – Film Review

102- Not Out – Film Review

Story of two ‘nice and clean’ aged men – father and son – and a selfish, spineless male who happened to have been reared by the same nice buddhas (aged men)!

One was 102 years old (Dattatreya) and his son was 75 years old (Babulal). Babulal and his wife had one son. They were simple parents who did everything to raise their only son with the best of education etc. Since their son used to like listening to the church bell – so his parents used to take him to the church etc. Basically doting parents – which Indian parents are pretty much famous for.

But when the son grows up – he turns out to be a pure Assh*le! He showed a keen interest to go abroad – in the US – for further studies and work and Babulal did everything to send him abroad (breaking Fixed deposits/ PF etc). Once he went abroad, he never bothered to return…not even when his mother was on her death bed – she died chanting his name – Amol – but the son did not come to see his mother.

Amol then even got married abroad without telling his parents! Maybe he found some green card holder female who readily slept with him (it is very common nowadays – even in India – like girls immediately get laid if they see a male with a promising career…or who spends money on them!). Moreover I have heard that Indian males are much in demand abroad – because they are known for their loyalty and they basically stick to one life partner..unlike the males abroad who are always on the look out for greener pastures and kick out their live-in partners (even wives) if they show their attitudes or if the male finds someone more sexier than his wife…..Indian males may have an extra-marital affairs but they seldom leave their wives…because they bother a lot about reputation etc…..and if a male in India gets the stamp of a divorcee…..he is not looked at with much respect (actually Indians have a tendency to treat women with kid-gloves…. So if a man divorces his wife – it is usually understood that the man must have been at fault as the ‘pure bovine doves’ – women i.e. cannot do anything wrong!) Because of fear of a bad name…males here somehow stick to their life-partners for very long……sometimes till death.

Anyway – whatever be the reason – Amol gets married to a female abroad and probably she did not want to visit her in-laws and go through any formalities of adjustment etc….and because she did not want to meet his parents, the spineless selfish Amol also thought it right to forget all about his parents…after all the new female in his life was taking more care of his needs….all his needs she was fulfilling – so what was the need for anyone else……

All this was witnessed by the grandfather – Dattatreya – and he decided to change Babulal to become a more practical person…and not flow in the emotions of his only son – whose only interest left in life was to sell his paternal property and make some money!

Dattatreya succeeds in making Babulal understand why his son was coming after 21 years – not to meet him but just for the property papers…Babulal understands and throws out his son from his life for good! His son was insulted at the airport…and he probably returns to the US……did not make much of a difference to him as he was a spineless BEEP! Just that Babulal understood that his son had turned into a creep who he had to forget. Just remember his childhood and that’s all!

CONCLUSION – The movie shows the failure of parents – in spite of all the love and affection, the son turns out to be a total selfish moron who did not even care for his own parents ….. he had found a female to carry on life with and he was living happily ever after with her! Parents and relatives did not matter to him at all – he had the money and he was living abroad…..unfortunately there are many males on earth who actually think this to be an achievement – living abroad with a good bank balance and a female to take care of household chores. ..what else is required?


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