Why villages are against girl-child education?

Why villages are against girl-child education?

Why villages are against Girl-child education?

A hypothesis.

Knowledge is power. Education fetches you knowledge, hence education ultimately gives you power.

On the basis of this education, many women are leading a respectable life – they are working or even as housewives – educated housewife who also eventually gets promoted to Motherhood play the most important role in carving the future of the nation – by bringing forth children who are educated and march ahead in life with confidence. In earlier days, even when women were not very educated, but as mothers, they played a vital role in keeping the household warm, loving and welcoming. With time and progressive national development, girl child education became mandatory and thus we have women working in all fields of profession – as doctors, engineers, teachers, corporate executives, financial consultant,  pilots…name it and women have made their mark in the profession.

Yet, unfortunately it is noticed that people still crave for sons…and daughters are still considered as burdens! Why?

The possible reason is the things MEDIA mostly focuses on!

Unfortunately, it focuses on crass entertainment…where English speaking i.e. supposedly educated females pose semi nude as well as in compromising positions with male models or actors! Now this is a shocking thing for males…esp. in India. They might enjoy ogling at semi-nude nymphs…and even watch hard core pornography….but they don’t generally like to allow their own daughters or wives to display their bare bodies in public! Since cheap entertainment is something that most people yearn for – so the film and advertising industry mostly include scandalous female postures to lure more and more sex starved males.

So what are we left with? Majority of rustic males getting exposed to educated/ uneducated females via TV screens and movie halls…that mostly focuses on nudity, scandalous sex postures etc….hardly do they get to see that women are highly successful as doctors, professors, bankers etc. and are leading a very decent life too. They are married, are mothers and yet taking care of office duties as well! Such things are not shown …or people are not much bothered in normal lifestyles….what they are crazy about is scandal and the entertainment industry supplies them amply with it!

But the repercussion of such crass entertainment is disadvantageous for the rural and small town women! The males in their  lives cite examples of shameless actresses and models and warn them of dire consequences if they even dare to raise their voice and seek permission to go out for education! The rustic males think it safe to keep their women uneducated lest they go out and understand the ways of the world…and question their idiocy!


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