Understanding God and His ways

Understanding God and His ways

Understanding God and His ways

Kind Attn: Citizens of the World

In all of us humans, we have around 12 systems that keeps our body functional – like Digestive System, Respiratory system….

All humans have the same make of the system – it is not like Hindus have a different circulatory system  than the Christians.

Yea, all humans all around the world have exactly the same system working for them – like the way Indians respire….or reproduce…similarly Japanese, Americans, Chinese do…exactly the same – no difference whatsoever.

So what does it show of Almighty? Aah! True – you understood it well – God has not kept any differentiation among us!

Now there is this Subtle System too that is the same in all humans all across the world. But it lies dormant….and unless a human is not willing to awaken his dormant spiritual energies, it will not awaken – probably this is what is meant by ‘FREE WILL’ –  your choice to remain a mediocre human fighting his fate based on his Karmas (stamped by destiny) – or awaken your divine self and take charge.. get released from this mundane existence – this cycle of birth and death. Emerge as an effulgent divine being – your true self.


PS: Very rarely does it happen itself – spontaneously – if your karmas from your previous life has been exceptionally good – or maybe if you were a very advanced spiritual soul in your previous birth – eg. Adi Shankaracharya, Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Kabir Das, Guru Nanak, Prophet Mohammad etc. Otherwise only a SadhGuru has the authority to awaken your divine self. The Guru arrives in your life if you are a true seeker…When the student is ready, the teacher will come.


A Sahaja Yogini ( - mostly meditating for self realization. Had become an ardent spiritual aspirant way back in 1992 after reading Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda - after 10 years, my Spiritual Guru came in my life! If you are seeking the divine, do visit and know all about Kundalini Shakti awakening and self realization!

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