Ok Janu – Film Review

Ok Janu – Film Review

Ok Janu – Film Review

Film suggests to the youth that they should jump on bed first before tying the nuptial cord. Only after being sure of physical compatibility – i.e. whether the male is a good performer on bed…and the female is active, sassy and hungry like the porn film actress males grow up watching – then and only then should you go for marriage.

How does it work? – Just like suggested by  the the shrink SRK in ‘Dear Zindagi’ – you need to continue trying out sex with as many sex-partners as possible and ultimately when you have had enough beeps and you have tried out almost all sex-postures suggested by the great Indian Sex granth – the Kamasutra – should you tie the knot with one of the sex-partners.

So after marriage you stick to that one sex-partner you chose after effing so many?

Well…unless of course you find a more virile (male) or sexier and sassier (female) – you may continue to pretend that you are loyal to that one sex-partner you chose from so many.

What if a ‘more virile’ or ‘sexy sassy’ person comes in life after wedlock?

One can have clandestine affair….and continue having so till your last breath – if you play your cards well, you will never be caught!

Best of Luck! End of filmy gyan.


After ace shrink SRK in film ‘Dear Zindagi’ suggested that females can try out sex with different males just as they would try out chairs before buying..investing in it….so ‘Ok Jaanu’ showed exactly how youngsters nowadays shift in the house of either one of the sex partners and start living -in…….and then they are also free to move-on for greener pastures….wow….Zindagi has now become so lovely…just as it was during the ‘Early man’ days …. when our ancestors jumped from one tree to another and mated with a different female each season!

Story in short:

The male stays as a paying guest with an aged couple where the husband is taking care of his wife suffering from dementia / Alzheimer’s syndrome. He meets a female – who, after few meetings agree to jump on bed with him and eventually became so addicted to having sex with him that she shifted in with him!

The aged couple were against this live-in funda but the female impressed the aged Alzheimer’s patient with a classical song…wow! what a groovy thing to happen! How easy it is to impress aged dementia patients!!

So they start to live-in. Female got a call from Paris for architecture engineering and male got a call from the US for 3d gaming and animation. Both decided to part ways…with a heavy heart because they had gotten used to sex with each other…

Suddenly a very bright idea struck the male from the blue!! Guess what? They decided to get married!! Wow! Indian culture got saved – yippee!!

They get married and part ways… and stay in touch via emails and video chat…awwwww……no sex..with each other…awww….whether they were humping others is not shown in the film!


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