Meri Pyaari Bindu – Film Review

Meri Pyaari Bindu – Film Review

Meri Pyaari Bindu

Love story of losers! Absolute and sheer losers. Period!

About child Bindu and Bubla:

Young Bubla (Abhimanyu) – about 6 or 7 years old Bengali boy meets Bindu – a girl of his age who is a South Indian. Since that age she is shown to possess nuances of a wh*re in the make! Not their fault I guess – they watch films where vamps dance wearing lacy outfits and Bindu liked to emulate them and Bubla used to focus torch light on her as if she is dancing in a night club!

Bubla used to climb a tree in order to reach her house stealthily! What is the need to climb trees to reach your neighbour….you can use stairs – shows that parents were oblivious and irresponsible too! Usually parents would rush out to stop their 6 years old son trying to cross to the other house through a tree branch..he may break his bones! Anyways – both parents were not aware about what their 7 years old son was up to!

Bindu’s mother (June Malia) was a happy go lucky silly-pilly kind of a mother and the daughter was learning all sorts of stupidities from her mother only! Her father was in the Army and every night he used to get drunk and beat the shit outta his wife!! Strange!! Usually it is heard that males like adventurous silly-pilly females to have fun with but here the Army officer hubby was beating his wife…for whatever reason! Or maybe males like to have silly pilly females as concubines/ kepts giving them some cheap thrills but in a wife they want a serious and graceful lady…because she is responsible in taking forward his progeny after all …just a thought!

So Bindu is shown having a difficult childhood – father beating mother after getting drunk is not a very pleasant household situation – right? So what does she do to escape such a terrible home front? She herself becomes extremely silly-pilly adventure seeking girl…and aspires to become a singer.

Adult Bubla and Bindu

In one scene it is shown that Bubla – now adult in his late teens –  is driving the car and Bindu is changing her T-shirt in the back seat! Yuck! Honestly folks – we consider such girls to be absolute shameless and cheap wh*res ….please don’t judge Indian girls based on her standards – this maybe happening among rural or slum area females or females who – maybe convent educated – but keep the mentality of cheap and coarse sex starved slum dwellers!

In another scene – Bindu is effing a male in the front seat of the car…and Bubla suggests her that the back seat is more spacious to try out Eff postures! Yuck again!

Basically film tries to show that youth are randomly effing around and it is perfectly okay to eff around with multiple sex partners also! No big deal at all.

Bindu’s mother dies in a car accident – the car was being driven by her father. She leaves her father and moves to another city…though her father continues to give her money…which she describes as ‘his punishment for causing the accident’ – phew!! No wonder why young couples are not going for child birth…they know what kind of shameless and thankless children grow up to be these days!

Bindu and Bubla part ways for 3-4 years.

Later Bubla also finds an eff partner and he lives-in with some available female – the kinds we get to see in Emotional Atyachaar – small town (even big town/ medium town/ city/ village/ remote village) girls find a rich male to share the apartment with – so that they don’t have to pay the monthly rent…but of course they have to eff the male…even wash utensils and chaddis of the male who is letting her live in his apartment – very common in India – esp. big cities!

Suddenly Bindu comes back in Bubla’s life – she had run away from 2 of her marriages and the 3rd time the groom had run away! Probably he had found out about her ‘easy availability’ from some random males attending stag party and decided to dump her at the nick of time!

Bubla helps her get a job of a dubber (one who dubs – gives background voice over). In the interview she behaves like a horny piglet and gets the job! Amazing how she gets the job by being so cheap and slummy! The males who recruited her were shown to get horny while she was taking out wh*rish sound effects….and when such men try to approach such cheap females to jump on bed with – they cry out RAPE…see the film and let me know what you felt about the interview – downright cheap and disgusting!

Bubla then proposes her. She agrees. They dive on bed – for the 1st time in so many years…like they never tried effing each other in spite of being neighbours- wow! What self control!

 Bubla then tries to fulfil her desire to become a singer. She releases a music album. It flops miserably. She breaks off with Bubla….because she had big dreams and she was ready to compromise for fulfilling the dreams also…like the kind of dresses she was wearing – almost nothing and sometimes lacy somethings – it was evident that she would even jump on bed with anyone who had shown her a wee bit interest to take her abroad to perform live music! And her spineless na-mard to-be husband Bubla knew about the fact that she had been effing around since late teens…so he would not have minded at all if she had slept with couple of more producers or sponsors to become a successful singer!

Bubla is heart broken and he quits his banker’s job and becomes a writer of cheap lit. His central theme was sex and chudail (witches)….after all more than half his life he had spent thinking about Bindu …who now reminded him of some kind of a witch!

Bindu calls him and tells that she is getting married, he congratulates her.

They meet again after 5-6 years. This time Bindu is seen with her 6 years old daughter. She seemed to have adjusted well in her married life.

Bubla continues to love her in his mind. He could not take her off his mind – well compared to him she was better looking and fun to be with….a difficult combo to find!

End of story!


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