Kiriti Roy – Bengali Film Review

Kiriti Roy – Bengali Film Review

Kiriti Roy – Film Review

It is a detective story – murder mystery. I cannot reveal the end…it is not correct.

I just want you all to observe the life of a fashionable, flamboyant and flirtatious gold digger woman…who eventually becomes a cheap whore! She is an ambitious woman who worked as a nurse but dreamt to become a rich heiress. For this she made herself available to rich males…so that she could marry one and fulfil her dreams to become rich. She turns down the proposal of a male and marries his brother instead because he was richer! Earlier also she had a failed marriage as the male she had married was suspicious of her (but obvious) and tortured her –so she had eloped with an aged male…who also eventually kicks her butt. She then meets another loser…turns him down and marries his brother instead! She gives birth to a daughter….who also seemed as confused as her mother.

Later she happens to meet the male she had turned down and it appears that he had been sleeping with the maids of the household! One maid was older but the younger maid was just about 4 years older to his niece (as she mentions that when his niece was 7 she was 11!). So one can clearly see what kind of males get attracted to flirtatious flashy women!

Rest I cannot write …as I said earlier…it is a detective story.

It is a lesson for humans…cut your coat according to the cloth…the more greedy you will be….a more hell like fate will await you!



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