Kabil – Hindi Film Review

Kabil – Hindi Film Review

Kabil – Hindi Film Review

Not eligible…since you could not save the dignity or modesty of the woman you were given charge of for life….

Okay..even if you were eligible – but your locality was not because she came from a safe locality where men were sensitive towards women. But your locality had a rapist culture…environment makes a man after all…your environment was infested with sex-starved creeps and your wife had to suffer for that! So basically you failed as a husband because you failed as a socially responsible citizen. The fact that rapists and murderers get elected by majority & have political power shows that not a single person in your society is/was ELIGIBLE..







see image above – she was having a fun filled life before marriage – brought up in an absolutely safe environment – her dressing sense was pretty bold plus her dance steps….!! very bold….such flimsy frock that got totally lifted as her boyfriend picked her up in a dance frenzy…and the onlookers are just so glad to see the modern and advanced…oo la la – so western….. dance step by their piano teacher! yet not a single onlooker ever even made a pass at her – no eve teasing – no nothing!

But then she gets married and shifts to a rapist-breeding locality! The cheapsters there even discussed the hickey -love bites of married couples! That was so mean! And then they decide to rape the helpless blind girl…in absence of her husband. They had a big house but had no domestic help…..had they invested in a smaller house and kept a helper around..then such a mishap could have been totally avoided! India is still very cheap on the domestic help front…..such couples definitely need a helper…..well can’t say much about the lifestyle of the blind..just a suggestion!

So in this film the brother of the local politician and his friend rape the wife multiple times and she commits suicide. Strangely after the 1st rape incident she was pretty calm….her husband was more remorseful than her but she was pretty calm about the whole episode! She was the one counselling her husband to get over the rape incident…as if it was Hritik..her husband – who was raped! Next morning she was making ‘aloo ka paratha’ and even smilingly interacted with the locality children……as if it was part of her life!

When she was raped the second time, she committed suicide – not because she was hurt and humiliated….but because her husband could not have taken the repeat rape…so just in order to save her husband from falling in yet another bout of depression – she committed suicide – well – this is what she wrote in her suicide note!

Husband proved his kabiliyat by killing the 2 rapists and the elder brother who saved the rapists!!

Hence proved that he was KABIL!

In real life – nothing of this sort can ever happen! Even a man with sound body and proper eyesight would not be able to kill or even slap the rapist..esp. if they have political connections!



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