Anarkali of Aarah – Film Review

Anarkali of Aarah – Film Review

Anarkali of Aarah

Anarkali is a local dancer – she performs dance on cheap Bollywood item songs for the local drunkards and loser males of the locality. They don’t just depend on Bollywood item numbers but make their own songs impregnated with double meanings and sexual innuendos! The owner or Vice Chancellor of the University is very fond of Anarkali and wants to keep her as his kept/ concubine. But because he is a powerful political fellow in the same locality, so he cannot force his ways with her….it mars the reputation you see!

Anarkali’s childhood has also been shown a bit – her mother was also a dancer with the local troupe but had encouraged her daughter to study in school and gain knowledge….but because she dies accidentally so Anarkali is left with no other option but to become a lewd dancer for the equally lewd and crass viewers!

Anarkali  is shown having an affair with the manager of the troupe – who is  a married man…..but because he has her consent to sleep or have sex with her – so it is absolutely okay – two consenting adults can have sex and nobody should dare to interfere in their sex life. The fact that the manager is betraying his wife should be none of anybody’s business. Anarkali found him young and attractive and liked to have sex with him. Period.

Things turn sour when the powerful political man – who was old and married and also a father of a grown up daughter, manhandles Anarkali in front of the crowd and she slaps him tightly! Because he was totally drunk, he did not realize what he had done. Later he invites her over to his secret apartment and proposes that she should belong to him as his ‘kept’! She refuses him and insults him again! Because she had done so to such an influential person, she had t flee from the locality overnight! She reaches a big city and becomes a singer there. Soon the political goons find her and she returns to Arrah….but with the motive to take revenge!

Now this scene is unbelievable! – In the annual function of the University, Anarkali’s dance item is also included!! And what is more shocking is that when she is dancing the students (males esp.) are also jumping with excitement to see her give those cheap matkas and jhatkas!! Gosh!! We used to sing a song in our school – in Kendriya Vidyalaya…that went like ‘ Takshila, Nalanda ka itihaas laut ke aayega, Bharat ka swarnim gaurav, Kendriya Vidyalaya layega’ – all these big big Universities were in Bihar – Patna region…and this is the status of the University now!!?? Item girls performing in the annual function of the University!?

Please read about this real time protest –

Although there was also another scene where couple of people were seen with placards and were asking to close down such cheap item dance events completely….and the dancers laughed and mocked at them!

Anyway, in the University function, she plays the tape that showed her slapping the political leader – right in front of his wife, daughter, students, ministers….everyone!

Message? – Don’t force a woman to have a relationship without her consent…even if she appears to be available or is actually even available to other men (she slept with her married manager – remember?) – but with her consent! So take proper permission from a woman before diving on bed with her! It’s like ‘ May I come in Madam?’.


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